Moksha Aesthetics offers a comprehensive selection of leading brands in medical-grade skincare for our patients. Why medical-grade skincare, you ask? While there are countless over-the-counter skincare products to litter drugstore shelves (and many do provide some degree of skin-benefitting function), it’s medical-grade skincare products that are specially formulated by leading experts to provide proven, visible results for a myriad of specific skin conditions.

Each of our top-notch, hand-selected brands feature products with higher concentrations of potent ingredients that are backed by clinical research and have been scientifically developed to offer much greater benefits than your “run-of-the-mill” over-the-counter products. No matter your individual skin concerns, it’s highly likely we have just the right product to deliver the most impactful results to have you loving that reflection in the mirror again.

Browse our selection below and purchase online, call us at (240) 907-5009, or stop by our office to set up your skincare consultation.