Bunny Lines

Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are the nickname for the wrinkles you get when scrunching your nose like a bunny. With a small dose of injectable neurotoxin, those wrinkles will fade and leave behind smooth and beautiful skin.

Treatment Options:

Botox Potomac

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What To Expect During Treatment

After consulting with our experienced injectors, treatment is relatively quick and comfortable. Our experts help you create a customized treatment plan that addresses your appearance goals. Then your professional injector will make a series of injections into the muscle. This is done in about 15 minutes. Discomfort is minimal.

You’ll wait a few more minutes to make sure you don’t have a reaction, then you can go about your day. You might have a little redness or swelling, but this goes away quickly.

What Are The Results Of Treatment?

Soon after your treatment, typically within a day or so, you’ll start to see lines diminish. This will continue for a week or two until you see optimal results. Like all neurotoxins, treatments have to be repeated periodical to maintain your results. We’ll help you create a plan that will involve followup visits on a maintenance schedule.

How To Learn More

Schedule an appointment or consultation with us, and we’ll show you how we can create a plan using neurotoxins to help you reach your appearance goals.

*For information on pricing, please call (240) 907-5009 or email info@mokshaaesthetics.com.