Back Facial

Back Facial Potomac DC

Our Back Facial is what our licensed aestheticians recommend as a treatment for back and shoulder acne. It includes exfoliation of the skin (both chemical and physical) to remove dead skin cell build up, extractions to remove blackheads and skin congestion, along with blue LED light to kill bacteria and prevent future flareups.

What To Expect During A Back Facial

We start by evaluating your skin and the severity of the acne, and then we custom formulate an exfoliant compound based on your skin type. 

The first step of the treatment is a thorough cleaning, followed by exfoliation. Since the skin on your back and shoulders is thicker and less delicate than your face, we use both a physical and chemical exfoliation process for the most effective removal of dead skin cells. 

You may feel a little tingling, but normally there is little discomfort. 

Once the chemical exfoliation has had a chance to work, the aesthetician will also perform extractions on any clogged pores. Then a soothing serum is applied, and the treatment is completed with blue LED light to kill acne-causing bacteria. 

Once the treatment is finished, you may notice some redness, but that should resolve quickly.

After the treatment, you’ll be given a care plan to help you maintain results and ward off future outbreaks. The treatment may be repeated every four weeks or so to maintain optimum results. 

What Are The Results Of Treatment?

Our back facial provides results you will notice immediately,with optimal results a few days later. You’ll see clearer, smoother skin, reduced acne, and more confidence in your appearance. 

How To Learn More

Make an appointment for a Back Facial by clicking the appointment link. If you have questions, feel free to call us at (240) 907-5009. 

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