Anti-Aging Facial

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Our Anti-Aging Facial is the no-downtime way to turn back time. This popular facial starts with targeted exfoliation (dermaplaning and a superficial chemical peel) to remove dead skin cell build up and increase product penetration. It’s finished off with Red LED light therapy and a customized hydro jelly mask to improve skin elasticity, tone and texture giving you a renewed, youthful glow.

What To Expect During Treatment

Our expert aesthetician will start with an evaluation of your skin and a deep cleaning. This prepares you for the treatment and gives us the information we need to select the best exfoliant formula for your skin type. 

During dermaplaning, our aesthetician uses a specially designed blade to gently remove vellus (peach fuzz) hair and scrape away dead skin cells. This by itself brightens and smooths your skin. It also makes it more receptive to the next step, exfoliation.

The carefully-selected, gentle exfoliant will remove another layer of skin, exposing the newer, smoother skin underneath. You’ll relax while this is taking place, and feel refreshed afterward. 

Then we bathe your face in gentle LED light focused to a bandwidth that stimulates the skin to make it stronger. And the final step is a mask of intense moisturizers that will penetrate deeply after the exfoliation to revitalize and stimulate. 

You’ll leave feeling and looking younger.

What Are The Results Of Treatment?

The Anti-Aging Facial produces immediate results, with smoother, clearer, healthier-looking skin. Because of the moisturizers and the compounds they contain, you will likely notice more improvements over the next few days, as the treatment stimulates new skin growth.

How To Learn More

Click the appointment link to schedule your Anti-Aging Facial. If you have questions, feel free to call us at (240) 907-5009, and we’ll gladly answer them. 

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