Lip Flip

Lip Flip

This treatment is great for patients that have a disappearing top lip when they smile. Neurotoxin is injected into the lip to relax the muscle that goes around the mouth to allow the top lip to show when smiling.

Treatment Options:

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What To Expect During Treatment

Before treatment begins, our staff consults with you, explaining the lip flip treatment and confirming the  appearance goals you want to accomplish. Then we recommend the best neurotoxin formulations for you.

Our trained injectors make a series of injections, which typically take 10 to 15 minutes. Discomfort is minimal, and after a brief wait to make sure you have no adverse reactions, you can resume your daily routine. There may be minor redness or swelling, but these quickly go away.

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What Are The Results Of Treatment?

After treatment, you begin to notice the muscle in you upper lip begin to relax, and your smile change so your upper lip is more visible. Results begin to show in 3 to 7 days, but can take up 2 weeks for full effect. 

Neurotoxin treatments usually last three to four months, and then treatment needs to be repeated (we’ll help you develop an ongoing treatment plan) so you maintain your treatment benefits.

How To Learn More

Schedule an appointment or consultation with one of our experienced injectors, and we will help you with a plan using neurotoxins to help you reach your appearance goals.

*For information on pricing, please call (240) 907-5009 or email