Acne Fighting Facial

Acne Fighting Facial Potomac DC

Acne is no match for this deep cleaning medical grade facial. Completely customized to your skin, our Acne Fighting Facial uses chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin and oil build up along with medical extractions and blue LED light therapy to kill bacteria.

You get smoother, fresher skin that is less susceptible to acne relapses. Our licensed aestheticians will  develop a plan to help minimize the effects of acne through timely return treatments and will suggest medical grade skin care options to help minimize the effects of acne and promote overall skin health.

What To Expect During Your Acne Fighting Facial

Since we are dealing with delicate, irritated skin, we begin with a thorough evaluation to determine how to formulate the exfoliant and restorative serums we use, so the treatment is completely customized for you.

Next, we do a thorough cleaning of your face. The chemical exfoliant is then applied. You may feel a little sensation, but there is little or no discomfort. The aesthetician will also perform extractions on any clogged pores. After giving the exfoliant time to act, it’s removed and a soothing serum applied. Afterward, blue LED light is gently circulated around your face to further kill acne-causing bacteria. 

Once the treatment is finished, you may notice some redness, but it should resolve quickly.

What Are The Results Of Acne Fighting Facial

You’ll notice improvement soon after the treatment, with smoother skin and fewer breakouts. We’ll give you a simple care plan afterward that will help you avoid future breakouts. The treatment can be repeated every few weeks to help maintain results. 

How To Learn More

To schedule an appointment for our Acne Fighting Facial, click the appointment link, or if you have questions call us at (240) 907-5009.

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