Can I Work Out After Dermal Fillers?

Can I Work Out After Dermal Fillers?

Getting dermal fillers can be super exciting and energizing! You feel good about your newly rejuvenated skin, and you are looking forward to seeing how your results are developing.

Maybe you feel so energized that you want to do some cartwheels or run around the block a few times. But wait! First you should find out – can I work out after dermal fillers.

What’s the Story? Can I Work Out After Dermal Fillers?

Exercising for a day or two after getting dermal fillers such as Radiesse should be avoided for a number of reasons.

Working out too early can make your results wear off faster, since the filler may not become established as well. Fillers usually last about six months, but this time is shorter for those who work out too soon or too intensely. 

Exercise causes your heart rate to increase ,and more blood pumping means a higher risk of bruising or swelling. Putting too much activity on your filler also puts pressure on blood vessels, and this causes bruising. While you may experience slight bruising after fillers, you can minimize this risk by avoiding workouts right after filler injections.

Your results could change as a result of exercise, since too much head movement and pressure on your injection site can cause the filler to migrate and affect parts of your face that you do not want to be affected.

Okay, I Can Handle Waiting a Couple Days. So, Where Can I Get Great Dermal Fillers in Montgomery County?

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